“White belt doesn’t mean that you are at the bottom. You have made the step that hundreds of thousands only dream about. You, unlike those who only talk about it have conquered the first step to achieving your black belt…. Always remember that a frog too, was once just a tadpole.

Eternal Grand Master

H.U. Lee

1350 S. Clearview Ave.

Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85209



Power Black Belt Academy

Taekwondo -  The Way of the Hand and Foot

Welcome to ...Power Black Belt Academy

As an American Taekwondo Association –ATA– Martial Arts Academy, we strive to provide...

Positive Learning Environment

We provide a positive learning environment by reinforcing desired behavior, employing correction rather than criticism, and teaching our students to be respectful and disciplined.  It is our goal to train our students physically and mentally by implementing the ATA’s life skills curriculum and training philosophy.

Our instructional staff consists of a highly trained and experienced group of martial artists who have completed various levels of Instructor Certification through the American Taekwondo Association.  We are confident in the excellence and professionalism of our instruction.   The ATA has been providing quality instruction and producing quality students for over 35 years.

Special Programs

As an extension of our concern for self defense, our staff has been trained to teach Bully Prevention and  the Code Amber curriculum. We are always looking for opportunities to teach young children how to avoid abduction and predatory behavior. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a seminar.

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Current Events

Super Soaker Saturday

May 27th at 1pm

Bring your super soaker and water balloons

Bring a friend, free prizes and pop-cycles

Free event open to everyone

Belt Promotions June 2nd and 3rd

Tigers on June 2nd at 5:00 pm

Black Belts on June 2nd at 6:30 pm

Adult Color Belts on June 3rd at 9 am

K4K Color Belts on June 3rd at 10 am

Awards Ceremony on June 3rd at 11 am

Professional Instruction

We achieve this level of professionalism by knowing the curriculum and training constantly.  Our Instructors retain and increase their knowledge of the curriculum through continuous training and study, tournament competition, seminar attendance, rank promotion, and instructor evaluation.

Comprehensive Martial Arts Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive martial arts curriculum starting with forms, one-steps, sparring combinations, and self-defense for our beginner students and expanding to include sparring, weapons, and board breaking for our intermediate students.  Advanced training such as joint lock manipulation, pressure point control tactics, and knife defense is added for the advanced and/or Black Belt students.